[CentOS] Creating an alternitive install CD for CentOS 5.2 (w/ patched mkinitrd)

Sun Mar 8 10:51:27 UTC 2009
Fajar Priyanto <fajarpri at arinet.org>

On Sat, Mar 7, 2009 at 5:16 AM, Robert Heller <heller at deepsoft.com> wrote:

> I need to be able to install CentOS 5.2 on a machine with software RAID
> (and LVM) setup.  I discovered (the hard way!) that there is a bug in
> the mkinitrd package that causes it to enter an endless loop when there
> are /dev/mapper/ devices present during the install process.  There is a
> patch to mkinitrd, which I applied and created a new rpm for mkinitrd
> with this patch applied.  I'd like to now create a alternitive install
> CD, but I am not sure of the exact mkisofs command line to properly
> create a bootable CD.
> I am also not sure if I need to update any of the files the installer
> uses to install the system -- is it enough to just drop the alternitive
> mkinitrd rpm?  Do I need to rebuild any of the other files on the CD?

Dumb suggestion:
Can't you use isomaster or any of those iso editor tools to replace that one
file? :)
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