[CentOS] Memory vs. Display Card

Mon Mar 9 03:39:52 UTC 2009
Rick <ellis at spinics.net>

In article <49B47E99.1090307 at hogranch.com>,
John R Pierce  <centos at centos.org> wrote:

>now, try taking out the OLD memory and putting in just the NEW memory.  
>see how it runs that way.   if this works, try with the new 4GB as the 0 
>bank, and the old 2GB as the 1 bank.

Tried that before I posted and got the same results.

>also, in the BIOS, check the memory timings, I'd leave them all on 
>'automatic' or 'default' or whatever the limited choices are in the 
>Intel BIOS, trying to squeeze an extra clock out of CAS or whatever 
>doesn't really help much under the best of conditions and it can 
>destabilize a system under suboptimal conditions.  

They should all be on their default settings. But I'll take another look
when I get a chance. Thanks.