[CentOS] OT: centos.org web site not responding

Tue Mar 17 01:40:42 UTC 2009
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Lanny Marcus wrote:
> Had a suggestion I try to get  a different IP from our ISP and if my
> wife isn't surfing now, I will try that.. Until today, I have only run
> into one (1) web site that won't let me on, because my IP is in
> Colombia. CentOS possibly has become the 2nd one. I hope not!

I did some more pinging later on from one of my servers in San Jose, 
California, and saw some signs of route instability at layeredwhazza 
where the next hop after what should have been hte next-to-last one was 
coming from various routers all going 'no route to destination'