[CentOS] I see 5.3 ISO images on the mirrors

Tue Mar 31 17:57:40 UTC 2009
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

on 3-31-2009 10:41 AM Florin Andrei spake the following:
> On one mirror that I tried, at least.
> So, is it live yet? :-)
The announcement will tell you if it is live. Prior updates seem to have been
done like this;

Packages and ISO's are synced to mirrors. Maybe packages first, then ISO's.

When a sufficient set of mirrors are synced (a large percentage), the yum
metadata is synced. I think there are methods in place to check if a mirror is
fully up.

When this is done, then the release announcement is done. The mirror servers
do their thing and assign fully updated mirrors out to the public.

That way the faster mirrors aren't overwhelmed with downloads as the slower
mirrors are still catching up, and systems don't try to yum update on an
incomplete mirror and break.

Do everyone a favor and wait another day or so. If you saw ISO's they may not
be complete yet, and you will add bandwidth load for nothing.

When you see a release announcement, then all bets are off, and everyone will
be pounding the mirrors anyway.

Happy CentOS'ing!

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