[CentOS] DR Server for Windows Machines

Fri May 29 22:24:50 UTC 2009
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Joseph L. Casale wrote:
> I need to setup a CentOS box offsite to have a series of files replicated to it.
> My problem is this machine won't have Samba on it but I need to replicate the
> hierarchy in question in such a manner that I can restore from it and retain
> file system permissions.
> That's where I am stumped, anyone got any ideas?

use ntbackup on the windows machine to create .bkp file, then copy that 
to the DR backup with scp or rsync or whatever.      ntbackup can append 
incremental backups to the same .bkp file, which is sort of like a 
compressed tarball with more features and native windows file attributes 
(its not at all compatible with tar, its just structurely somewhat 
similar).   ntbackup also uses VSS snapshots on NTFS volumes, so the 
backups are point-in-time consistent.