[CentOS] Xen pci passthru problems with kernel -164.6.1

Miguel Di Ciurcio Filho miguel at ic.unicamp.br
Tue Nov 10 12:46:29 UTC 2009

Pasi Kärkkäinen wrote:
> I think 5.4 adds Xen VT-d pci passthrough support.. maybe that has caused
> bugs in the normal non-vt-d passthrough.
> Have you searched Redhat bugzilla about these problems?

And they call this "enterprise level", anyway, as you said RH has 
backported a lot of stuff from xen-unstable related to VT-d, changing 
completely the old behavior.

In this bug I've found lots of patches:

There is a bug opened regarding the lack of documentation (how nice, 
release first, document latter):

This bug relates to this new stuff, but I suppose only the paying 
customers have access to the solution:

This one shows a problem like mine, I suppose:

And finally I will read the Xen documentation, since it looks like 
that's the only reference available:

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