[CentOS] vsftpd question

mark m.roth at 5-cent.us
Mon Nov 16 12:53:24 UTC 2009

Jim Perrin wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 2:16 PM, Victor Subervi <victorsubervi at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi;
>> I've learned how to add a user and change the root dir of vsftpd (which of
>> course is undocumented). Now I need to learn how to make it so that a given
>> user can only access his/her folder (within the root dir). Please advise.
> Please stop being rude to the members of this list.
> This list is for people who are having trouble accomplishing a set
> task or have a question. It is not a 'system administration by proxy'
> tool because you can't be bothered to try on your own, or are to
> busy/lazy to read the documentation.
When I started with Ameritech, in the mid-nineties, within two weeks my 
managers asked me to be the sysadmin. I'd worked in Unix for about four years, 
but had never done admin before. I went out and bought Frisch's Essential 
Systems Administration, and for the next year, along with my ...late... wife, I 
was sleeping with that book. When the corporate admins came in to the division, 
they told me there were two of the 27 teams whose servers looked normal (as 
opposed to a disaster), and mine was one.

I got the book, and followed the directions. I, and others, have pointed you to 
stuff, Viktor. You say you've not run a server in a while, and that "every OS 
is different." I'm assuming that means you ran Windows servers, and have not 
yet taken enough time to actually learn how *nix works (Chapter 2 of Frisch's 

TAKE THE TIME. We are *NOT* paid support staff for this list, we're a community 
sharing knowledge. I read man pages, read scripts, ask others at work, and 
google for hours before posting questions here.

When asked why the Constitution makes no mention whatever of God, Alexander 
Hamilton was reported to have  flippantly replied "the new nation was not in 
need of "foreign aid"

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