[CentOS] Adaptec SCSI Card 2930LP supported by CentOS 5.x?

Tim Nelson tnelson at rockbochs.com
Mon Nov 16 17:24:24 UTC 2009

----- "Bill Campbell" <centos at celestial.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 16, 2009, Tim Nelson wrote:
> >I've never been able to get into the BIOS on it. It's almost like the
> card
> >doesn't have one. When the system boots, there is not the usual
> 'addon
> >card' operation where the card detects drives, displays it on the
> screen,
> >then continues to POST. The system simply boots like the card isn't
> there.
> >As long as you can boot from another device, the card is happily
> recognized
> >and works flawlessly once an OS is running. I've looked into
> resetting the
> >configuration on the card, etc... I just think in this case the card
> may be
> >a lower end card used for secondary addon storage only without the
> option
> >to boot...
> Have you tried pressing ctrl-A when the Adaptec display appears
> in the boot process?  It's been a while since I looked at the
> Adaptec SCSI BIOS settings, but I know there's an setting to
> suppress the ctrl-A prompt on booting.  I never changed it, but
> always ass*u*me*d that turning this off would still allow one to
> enter the BIOS settings without the prompt.
> Bill

It was a while ago this happened so my brain might be fuzzy... but I believe I tried this also. I'll give it a shot when the card may be eligible for use again. Thanks for the tip!


(And now returning to your regularly scheduled programming. Sorry for the unintentional thread hijack here...)

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