[CentOS] Sendmail "Queued mail for delivery"

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Sun Nov 22 01:21:58 UTC 2009

Larry Brower wrote:

>> I see that mail sent from a remote computer
>> never leaves the computer,
>> the last entry in /var/log/maillog being
>> "Queued mail for delivery".
> The message was accepted. You failed to supply sufficient information to
> troubleshoot further.

Thanks for your response.
I think I have solved the problem.
The trouble was that I put my home address in the From line,
and the ISP in Italy rejected the mail on that account.

>> 2. Where incidentally is the mail queued for delivery?
>> I don't see it in /var/cache/ .
> Have you looked in /var/spool ?

I did actually look there,
but /var/spool/mail/tim and /var/spool/mqueue/ were empty.

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