[CentOS] CentOS 5 and DRPM

Farkas Levente lfarkas at lfarkas.org
Mon Nov 30 09:05:47 UTC 2009

On 11/27/2009 11:14 AM, Janez Kosmrlj wrote:
> OK I figgured out the client part. But unfortunately this was the easy part.
> I still can't figure out, what i'm doing wrong on the server.
> I tried installing deltarpm package from epel and the newest createrepo
> package from atrpms (deltarpm from here won't install because it is
> build against a newer rpm package and I don't like to change the rpm
> package on my system).
> But when i run:* /createrepo --database  --deltas  -s sha
> --oldpackagedirs /dir /dir/* i get some obscure python errors, that I
> can't figure out.
> I tried the same commandon on an fedora 11 machine wiht the default
> fedora packages installed and it works without problems. As far as i can
> see the versions of createrepo on fedora and centos (the atrpms package)
> are the same. the only different part is the python version, but that
> shouldn't be the problem, since I looked at the .spec file from
> createrepo and it only requires python 2.1 and centos has 2.4.
> Does someone have a newer createrepo rpm package, that works on centos?

you need newer createrepo and yum-presto:
and don't set checkum eg i used to use this command:
createrepo -c /var/cache/createrepo -d --update --checkts --skip-stat
--deltas --oldpackagedirs <dir> <dir>
of course create a /var/cache/createrepo before run, or if you've time:
createrepo -d --deltas --oldpackagedirs <dir> <dir>

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