[CentOS] How fast?

Sorin Srbu sorin.srbu at orgfarm.uu.se
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>How fast does a a small DNS Server need to be? I will have about 10
>servers and a few workstations. I have a few older Compaq PIII boxes
>with 1gb RAM each or I have faster P4 boxes.
>Same question as above, just a Vyatta type device, Firewalling....?

My own experience is from my home network with mainly Windows-machines
(three Win2k3 and three WinXP) and one linux webserver, plus the linux
firewall appliance and the networked printer. On two of the Win2k3 servers,
the DC's, I've installed a caching DNS. It's more than enough for my small
LAN. Any lookups the internal DNS can't handle is forwarded to my ISP's DNS.

In any case, the machines running the DNS services, Amd Athlon/1200 with
1,5GB RAM and the other's a Amd Sempron/3000 with 2GB RAM. NB, this is
Windows. I'd imagine running linux on the same hardware as above and w/o X
is more than enough to handle the load.

As for firewalling, the mentioned linux firewall appliance runs off of a Amd
Athlon/750 (or was it 850...?) with 512MB RAM. More than enough in any case.
I used a P2 a few years back, and it was very quiet and pleasant, until the
hardware gave up... 8-/

Anywat, the mentioned Compaqs are ideally suited for this. Go for it!
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