[CentOS] My doubts with apache server on centos installation

Sorin Srbu sorin.srbu at orgfarm.uu.se
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>I am not able to understand what is the point of having scattered folders
for apache
>server installation.
>when i see the /etc/httpd folder; it has only conf folder and links to
logs, module and ,
>run. As i have been working on Windows where all these files are stored in
a single
>installation folder.

/etc is used (most of the time) for storing configuration files. Your actual
web pages will be in /var/www/html. This is standard for linux AFAIK, just
as programs in Windows are usually installed to c:\program files.

I'd be a little wary saying that Windows keeps its files all in a single
installation folder; there's more going on in the background than you know.
Single installation folders was maybe true in the DOS-era. Now? Not

>Now i am going to install java, I have two options via RPM and other is
extracting the
>distro and use it. i have a feeling if i use first option, all the folders
like jre and jdk will
>be palced any where. Not to be found.

Java is, IIRC, always installed to /lib/java. The /lib folder is I guess the
equivalent of %windir%\system32. This is just the way linux-systems are
ordered. No particular reason why this is so I guess, at least nothing you
need to worry about. Most of the time you only need to know about /root,
/home, /etc. This is very generally speaking though. With time, you'll
learn. ;-)

Use RPMs if possible. It's easier to maintain IMHO.

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