[CentOS] OT: pager pay

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Tue Oct 13 19:27:42 UTC 2009

Alan McKay wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I'm trying to compare my small company's policy against other
> companies out there.   We pay 10% of your per-hour salary equivalent
> per every hour you carry it, whether it goes off or not.  So for
> example someone making $55K/year works out to about $27 / hour (I
> think), so they'd get $2.70 for every hour they carry the pager
> outside of regular work hours.   We are a company of about 25 people.
> My old employer Nortel still does it this way :
> - $27.50 for every 8 hour shift you carry it, outside of regular work hours

I'd say really depends on how much work the pager involves, how
often your paged and how much time you spend responding to such

A company I worked at two jobs ago had pager pay, they tiered it
per tier. Pager duty was absolutely brutal, you could easily get
100+ pages a week. I think the average pay was something like $150/week
extra for carrying it. I got something like $250/week since I was
the lone tier 3 person. There was about 140 people at the time
I left.

My last company and my current one don't compensate for pager
duty, both places the load is very light, my current company has
a dedicated 24/7 NOC type setup, so as a tier 3 person(or maybe
tier 4 who knows) I get called maybe twice a month. I am technically
on call 24/7/365, but if I don't answer they just escalate to
somebody else.


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