[CentOS] CentOS 5.4? anyone? - "debate"

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Fri Oct 16 12:36:20 UTC 2009

On 10/16/2009 05:25 AM, Rainer Duffner wrote:
> Niki Kovacs schrieb:
>> Les Mikesell a écrit :
>>> I think for a lot of us, the 'we'll release when it's ready' mentality 
>>> is the main reason we aren't using debian.  I don't think CentOS should 
>>> repeat their mistakes.
>> Well, I'm glad they actually *do* repeat that special mistake. Do you 
>> prefer we'll-release-next-week-whatever-that-may-break ? In that case, 
>> stick with Ubuntu Server.
> It's good to have a fixed date to work towards.
> Otherwise, you get feature-creep, where more and more stuff goes into
> the release but never stabilizes.
> FreeBSD does it pretty well - they never release on-time, but at least
> they work towards the dates and clearly push stuff back one or two
> minor-releases when they see that they can't stabilize it.
> CentOS OTOH has a fixed feature-set (that of the corresponding RHEL
> release) that it must complete. So, necessarily the release-date is more
> or less open.

Well, in this case, we have no feature creep or control on what will be
on the ISOs and in the tree.

We do have to test our builds (as we do NOT release upstream RPMS, we
rebuild their SRPMS and make our own RPMS which need to be compared/tested).

We release it ASAP ... the minute that we can (after some QA testing).

> If you have 500 boxes, you are not going to update them all on the same
> day that RHAT releases 5.x anyway.

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