[CentOS] CentOS 5.4? anyone?

John Plemons john at mavin.com
Fri Oct 16 13:31:56 UTC 2009

You know if this was a new X-Box, or PlayStation, we might be sleeping 
in a tent next to the front of the store selling them wait for the store 
to be open.  Or sleeping in line at the New Opening Release of Star Wars 
12 Return of the O/S...  We are all a little bit of a geek and this 
stuff gets us going.  It is new, it is the latest and greatest and the 
expectation slows down the time line to a crawl, and at times seems like 
it is going in reverse ( only in our mind )...

People understand that there is a great deal of work going on in the 
back ground, but again most of us don't have a clue about what is going 
on or what is needed to put a distribution set out. I'll say it again, 
for Version 5.5, lets put up a simple page that details ( not in depth ) 
some of the steps required to publish the distribution.  Show the mile 
markers that we need to achieve and check them off as we get to them.  
Be like Scotty on Star Trek, "Oh Capitan it will take me 6 months to get 
the warp engines back on line..."  Pad the release time, then do it in 
three, at that point you are freaking great programmers and surpassed 
all expectations...

I've worked in distribution sales, and people like to be stroked, even 
if you have no new information, information is information and they know 
that something is going on.  I fought this for many years, with the 
answer that... "Hey, nothing new is going on it is the same answer as 
yesterday.."  But by giving out information even if it is the same old 
information makes everyone feel like they are in the loop.

Here is an example that could have stopped this whole thread...

First Message...

" 5.4 is baked! centos internal network will start syncing up today. 
release ~ soon!"

Next Message....

"5.4 is still syncing up, this will take some time, but we are moving 
forward, more information to follow."

It doesn't take much to keep people happy.

As I was typing this, I saw another post which I felt was out of line 
and harsh, we need to learn to keep egos in check and understand that 
nothing gets done if we keep attacking the people who are doing the 
work.  They become distracted, and mistakes are more likely to happen.  
We don't need to know every detail, the basics will do, and what would 
help is getting a bit more information rather than the silence or when 
its done message...  Again most of this turmoil is due to ignorance on 
the part of we who don't know how the process works, and a bit of 
arrogance on the part of those who do know, what we need is more tolerance.

Being a tolerant person to a degree..  Work on keep on a baking and lets 
cook the heck out of Centos 5.4  I can hardly wait...

John Plemons


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