[CentOS] allowing users to issue the "shutdown" command

Marcelo M. Garcia marcelo.maia.garcia at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 17 13:44:32 UTC 2009

Buz Davis wrote:
> I am running CentOS 5.3 and have just the two accounts "root" and 
> "buz".  I would like to be able to issue "shutdown" from the account 
> "buz", and thus created
> /etc/shutdown.allow with the single entry  "buz" (without any quotes).  
> I still
> get the error message "only root can do this" (or something similar) 
> even if I include the '-a' option on the shutdown command.  What am I 
> missing ?

You can use sudo and issue "sudo shutdown" from your buz account.



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