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Antonio da Silva Martins Junior asmartins at uem.br
Mon Oct 19 21:12:15 UTC 2009

----- "Marko Vojinovic" <vvmarko at gmail.com> escreveu:

> Does anyone know about some free (as in beer, and maybe as in speech)
> software which would implement authentication and authorization of a user prior
> to issuing a valid dhcp lease?
> I imagine the following scenario: someone walks into my office
> building with a laptop (a colleague, a visitor, a guest, whoever), and hooks up onto
> the local net (wired or wireless). The server detects an unknown MAC address,
> issues a bogus dhcp lease which resolves all dns queries to a single internal
> web page with a form the user is supposed to fill in and send. After he does
> so, an administrator does a sanity check of the data the user provided, and
> grants or denies access. If access is granted, the user gets a new, unrestricted
> dhcp lease, which provides him with a normal access to local network.
> The goal is to have a database which relates IP or MAC addresses to
> people names, so I can track a person down efficiently if he brings an 
> infected/spamming machine into the building.
> I would know how to build this infrastructure manually, but it's a lot
> of work, and I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Google somehow failed to
> help, or I failed to provide the right keywords. :-(

After reading this thread I think you can try PacketFence (www.packetfence.org)
and there are some others less powerfull ones on the wikipedia under the NAC topic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_Access_Control


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