[CentOS] Caught between a Red Hat and a CentOS

Joseph L. Casale JCasale at activenetwerx.com
Tue Oct 20 11:47:05 UTC 2009

>Remember that windows integration website ( don't remember the name
>but related to nLite and ryanvm) shutdown by Microsoft - it made a
>great deal of news because they had scripts to take out annoyances
>such as balloons popping up in the taskbar.  MS lawyers had them

For a good reason, because silly non-admins where using nlite in a corporate
environment? WTF, if you take all of RHELS rpms and recompile them in an
unsupported manor then call for help, what do you think they will do?

You have got to be kidding me, ms should just support anything anyone wants
to do? Sigh...

>It takes way too much time to install a windows system from scratch, configure
>how you want it,  and then install all the apps on top and then all the updates
>and then all the updates to the apps ad nauseam. Oh, you want to image that
>harddrive now?  Well you get 3 attempts with sysprep and then you start all
>over - no thanks..

Well, if you need some guidance on how to do this, I would be willing to help.
Even at home I use RIS/WDS and deploy almost all of my apps to windows lab vm's
with GPO's. So, unfortunately yes, I do *completely* automated deployments that
setup all my apps and even pre-populate some settings at the push of F12. When
I didn't have this knowledge, I never assumed Bill was an a$$hole, I took the
time to learn it. Same with Linux, when I never had kickstart knowledge and
couldn't automate my CentOS deployments, I never assumed KB or the CentOS devs
were scumbags, I took the time to learn it:)

Guess what, now I can do both! Wow...

This useless thread will never end, FOSS guys have their sh!t in a knot over
MS for reason of which I have my own opinions. Bottom line is, I work with both
and quit successfully get equivalent uptimes and QOS with both. Many guys do it,
it's possible. I met one of the guys who did the barnes and noble setup at an msdn
conference, I guess that successful setup wasn't the result of competent guys
who actually knew their sh!t and did a good job, but just dumb luck. Mama always
said if I could be smart or lucky, it was better to be lucky:)


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