[CentOS] centos5.4 and freenx - using my home dir and settings

Ryan Pugatch rpug at tripadvisor.com
Tue Oct 20 18:16:47 UTC 2009

Ryan Pugatch wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am setting up freenx on a machine and I am able to connect to it 
> remotely.  However, when I connect and start xfce it does not appear to 
> use the correct settings.   It acts like it is a whole different user. 
> It is starting the desktop environment as the nx user rather than 
> myself.  Is there any way to have the NX server connect as myself rather 
> than having a whole separate virtual environment?  I know you can't 
> connect to an existing X session that wasn't started with FreeNX, but I 
> want to be able to start a session using my settings and have access to 
> my home dir, etc.
> Thanks,

Nevermind, found the answer at 


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