[CentOS] RAID 10 on Install?

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Fri Oct 30 23:32:51 UTC 2009


>> How can I RAID 10 on install? (the names myRAID1 and myRAID2 are just
>> for example purposes)
> 3rd time this question has been asked in the past few weeks, I believe
> the answer is not using the normal installer. I believe if you make
> a custom installer with the right modules you can do it by hand in
> the console before the installer loads.
> Another way which I've suggested and should work is use LVM to
> do the striping between two RAID 1 volumes, certainly not as "clean"
> as a real RAID 1+0, but you should be able to do it from the
> regular installer.
> The best way is probably to use a hardware controller.

People went back and forth on the list saying that if a hardware  
controller was out of the budget right now RAID 10 would be the best  

It seems that the installer wont let you create two RAID1 with the  
same mount-pount and it looks like you have to specify one. I dont see  
how to do this and I dont know how to make a custom installer for this.


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