[CentOS] RAID 10 on Install?

Chan Chung Hang Christopher christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Sat Oct 31 09:00:21 UTC 2009

ML wrote:
> People went back and forth on the list saying that if a hardware  
> controller was out of the budget right now RAID 10 would be the best  
> solution.

That is raid1+0. raid10, under md, is something else different from raid1+0.

> It seems that the installer wont let you create two RAID1 with the  
> same mount-pount and it looks like you have to specify one. I dont see  
> how to do this and I dont know how to make a custom installer for this.

You should mark those two mirrors as raid and then use them as members 
of a stripe array. If you cannot do that, then you will just have to 
manually do it on a shell (Alt+F2) and get the installer to rescan the 
raid devices.

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