[CentOS] Driver compilation howto.

mark m.roth at 5-cent.us
Sat Oct 31 17:30:07 UTC 2009

Rafa³ Radecki wrote:
  > 2009/10/31 mark <m.roth at 5-cent.us>
>> Rafa³ Radecki wrote:
>>> I currently have to add some drivers during the installation process for
>>> CentOS 4.4 (I mus use this release). As I've heard I need first to
>> compilethe drivers under the same kernel which will be used during install time.
>>> What should I do then? Could anyone provide a link to an appropriate
>> howto?
>> One question: why 4.4? RHEL 4.6  was out and in use were I was working in
>> '06, on their distro CDs.
 > Hmm, it is a dedicated distribution with proprietary software :|

What is CenOS, except RHEL with the proprietary parts removed. Therefore, I 
assume that CentOS 4.6 was out in by the fall of '06, which was the point I was 

And *please* don't top post - it kills the thread of the conversation. Trimming 
is good, though.


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