[CentOS] NFS freeze when transmitting big files

Sat Apr 3 15:22:34 UTC 2010
Niki Kovacs <contact at kikinovak.net>

JohnS a écrit :

> You should have better success with another 128MB of RAM..
> Case point I have one also a P3 450 256MB RAM CentOS 5.4 here at home
> using samba + clam av and large files make me have to hard mount the
> directory to paste to the server.  I run no GUI either on it so you may
> want to get rid of X and Gnome.  Mine I run in, run level 3 so no gui
> here because it was painfully slow.

I had some time this weekend to check this out. I found another 128 MB 
RAM, put it into the server (and tested it OK). I took the server to my 
office and connected it directly to the main switch, to rule out 
networking bottlenecks.

I opened up 'top' on the server and switched to memory display (Shift-O, 
O, Enter).

On my desktop PC I transferred a bunch of files, and memory usage 
instantly went from around 110 MB to 250 MB, and then it began to swap 
and left the transfer with a steady 4800 k/s stream.

So I guess it was effectively a problem of missing RAM.



PS : machine is also running dhcpd, named, httpd, mysqld, squid, smb, 
and I feel like I'm moving an appartment in a Morris Mini Cooper :o)