[CentOS] crypt question/server hotel

Sat Apr 17 08:49:15 UTC 2010
Jozsi Vadkan <jozsi.avadkan at gmail.com>

I want to put my server in a "server hotel".

But: I don't trust my "server hotel owner".

What can I do?

I can crypt my partition/hdd's that contains the data. Ok.
But: then my operating system will not be encrypted. Not Ok.

If I crypt my operating system too, then when a reboot comes,
I have to type a password to decrypt. But my server will be at 
a "server hotel" I can't directly use a keyboard [no service cpu]. 

What can I do [on technical side] to ensure a little more security 
to my server [e.g: crypt my partition/slice/whatever, that has the 
operating system, but without the "type password" ""problem""]

Thank you for any tips/help.