[CentOS] Release 6?

Thu Apr 1 13:42:25 UTC 2010
Benjamin Franz <jfranz at freerun.com>

Mogens Kjaer wrote:
> On 03/31/2010 11:43 PM, Milos Blazevic wrote:
> ...
>> Current RHEL life cycle is in fact 7 years.
>> Interesting, I remember hearing just the opposite - that they're about 
>> to reduce the life cycle from 7 to 5 years, since allegedly no one uses 
>> the same EL major release for more than 5 years. I mean, can you imagine 
>> anyone who used RHEL 2.1 up until less than a year ago?
> So, if I set up a server with RHEL 5.5 or CentOS 5.4 today,
> I would only get updates until 14-Mar-2012, if the life
> time is reduced to 5 years?
> That's less than two years.
> That's a bit too short lifetime for my servers
They won't change the cycle for existing releases (they would get into 
contract liability if they did).

RHEL2 is already out of support (it was end-of-lifed on May 31, 2009).

RHEL3 will go out of support Oct 31, 2010.

RHEL4 will go out of support Feb 29, 2012

RHEL5 will go out of support Mar 31, 2014

*If* they change it in the future, it would only apply to the next major 
releases (IOW RHEL6+)

Benjamin Franz