[CentOS] Release 6?

Thu Apr 1 15:14:40 UTC 2010
R-Elists <lists07 at abbacomm.net>


> They won't change the cycle for existing releases (they would 
> get into contract liability if they did).
> RHEL2 is already out of support (it was end-of-lifed on May 31, 2009).
> RHEL3 will go out of support Oct 31, 2010.
> RHEL4 will go out of support Feb 29, 2012
> RHEL5 will go out of support Mar 31, 2014
> *If* they change it in the future, it would only apply to the 
> next major releases (IOW RHEL6+)
> --
> Benjamin Franz


think about it...

remember when *we all* were chomping at the bit for Centos3...

yeah, like horses... that's right... chomping at the bit...   ;-)

at least i seem to recall it was version 3, and then Centos4 came out and we
all needed a migration path from 3 to 4...

and thankfully, there was an easy way... again, if i remember correctly...

seems like yesterday cause we still use version 4 and, of course, some ver 5

 - rh