[CentOS] Amazon S3FS Automounter of sorts

Mon Apr 12 16:44:58 UTC 2010
Matt Keating <Matt_Keating at dennis.co.uk>

Thanks for the quick reply,

> What type of storage are you using it for. Web-app, Map/Reduce stuff,
> File-backup, etc ...
Currently using it for serving files through cloudfront - so purely as a
storage space for CDN delivery.

> Why do you want to use s3 like a file system? s3 does not have the
> properties of a posix system so you are bound be get some minor errors
> and problems.
I found it works well with FTPing into the server and uploading to the
mounted bucket. 
Reason its like this is that there are lots of different people who upload
throughout our company. It was much easier giving out the FTP details, which
were totally under our control (Username/Pass,Firewall,etc), rather than
giving out the S3 logins.

> I hope you are aware that everything you put on your s3 is publicly
> available if someone knows your bucket name.
Yes, I am aware of that - its all being served on the net anyway.
If I remove the Pubic read only, will the files still be accessible via

> I use s3tools to transfer data between s3 and a folder on my machine.
> I tried mounting it like you, but just ran into too many problems,
> especially if you access files from many machines.
What issues did you run into? As I haven't had any problems as of yet.

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