[CentOS] Amazon S3FS Automounter of sorts

Tue Apr 13 12:11:59 UTC 2010
Geerd-Dietger Hoffmann <didi at ribalba.de>

On 12/04/2010 17:44, Matt Keating wrote:
> I found it works well with FTPing into the server and uploading to the
> mounted bucket.
> Reason its like this is that there are lots of different people who upload
> throughout our company. It was much easier giving out the FTP details, which
> were totally under our control (Username/Pass,Firewall,etc), rather than
> giving out the S3 logins.

Sounds like a good reason :)

>> I hope you are aware that everything you put on your s3 is publicly
>> available if someone knows your bucket name.
> Yes, I am aware of that - its all being served on the net anyway.
> If I remove the Pubic read only, will the files still be accessible via
> cloudfront?

I hope not. And a little test confirms this. If you are serving it out 
anyway that is fine. I just had a client that had all his backup files 
publicly readable, because of this type of configuration error.

>> I tried mounting it like you, but just ran into too many problems,
>> especially if you access files from many machines.
> What issues did you run into? As I haven't had any problems as of yet.

If it is a one way transfer it is fine. But if you modify files etc 
caching issues where horrible. Files overwritten etc ... But if you are 
just pushing stuff onto a server it should work.

For the backup I have used s3tools too. I have a little script that 
looks at what is in the bucket and what is in the local folder and then 
syncs them up. But I suppose that is what the fuse file system does :)

For your auto-mount script. Can't you mount it when someone logs on over 
ftp. And then if no one is logged on any more unmount it.

Cheers Didi

Hoffmann Geerd-Dietger