[CentOS] Slightly OT: which hardware for CentOS file server (Samba, 2 To storage, 50 users)?

Thu Apr 15 03:53:36 UTC 2010
Jobst Schmalenbach <jobst at barrett.com.au>

there are (sadly) a large number of people who are afraid (paranoid?)
that you take out a saw and cut off some of the legs of the (high) chair 
they are sitting on (fig), you just came across one of those.

You have a number of options:

 * go with the flow, make him feel go(o)d  ;-) and you might be able 
   to learn something

 * find better places where you can learn

 * be aware that he might throw a tantrum and runs away and you left
   with the task of running the lab

IMHO the windows world is full of these guys, they haven't got a clue,
I call them "MCMJ's" (Microsoft Certified Mouse Jockeys). they feel
threatend by people who have a clue. This is one of the reasons
why windows is so prevalent ... they stick with it because they
cant go anywhere else.


On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 08:59:50AM +0200, Niki Kovacs (contact at kikinovak.net) wrote:
> Niki Kovacs a écrit :
> > 
> > Since the aim is lowcost, would it be wrong to install that fileserver 
> > on a no-name desktop PC with a 64bit processor and enough RAM, and then 
> > simply put 2 x 2 To hard disks in it, either with a mirroring RAID (can 
> > never remember which does what in 0, 1 and 5) or some rsync script 
> > regularly copying over the first disk to the second? Or do you have 
> > something more apt to suggest?
> > 
> Thanks for all your detailed answers. Seems the story resolved itself in 
> a quite curious manner. The lab already has a "sysadmin", e. g. a guy 
> who openly claims to be "no computer specialist, but my machines are 
> running anyway, better than the ones built by the pros". I asked him if 
> he could fill me in on some details, like what should the IP address of 
> the server be, netmask, gateway, dns, so that I could integrate it into 
> his network. I planned to first make a "dummy" server with my laptop 
> just to do some testing, ping around, etcetera. The following 
> surrealistic dialogue followed:
> - "You know, I can't really let you know this, this is a very special 
> network."
> - "Yes, but you asked me to install a server in your network. If you 
> want me to do that, I have to know some network specifications. For 
> example, will the machine be statically configured, or do you plan to 
> handle it with DHCP and a fixed address based on the MAC address?"
> - "This is neither DHCP nor static, you know, we have an internal 
> network." (!)
> - "So you can't tell me your network specs, if I get you right. You 
> know, when you ask a plumber to install a bathtub or a jacuzzi, you 
> ought to tell him at least where your bathroom is, and where he can find 
> the water tap."
> - "I only asked for a server. I don't know why you have to know all this."
> And so on. In the end, I decided not to bother and just left.
> :o)
> Niki
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