[CentOS] Slightly OT: which hardware for CentOS file server (Samba, 2 To storage, 50 users)?

Thu Apr 15 04:22:08 UTC 2010
Rajagopal Swaminathan <raju.rajsand at gmail.com>


On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 9:23 AM, Jobst Schmalenbach
<jobst at barrett.com.au> wrote:
> IMHO the windows world is full of these guys, they haven't got
> a clue, I call them "MCMJ's" (Microsoft Certified Mouse
> Jockeys).

You meant MCMM? s/Jokeys/Monkeys/g

>  they feel
> threatend by people who have a clue. This is one of the reasons
> why windows is so prevalent ... they stick with it because they
> cant go anywhere else.


I get a different impression around here.

Many MCM[J|M] have felt threatened and have taken a clue. At least why
have had a career jump from level 0 (hardware/desktop) to (real) Level
1 support server et. al. and they have taken Linux very seriously to
heart. Surprisingly, they never chose Solaris or AIX as alternative.
perhaps because of Linux's wide availability.

Of course, I cant even begin to see the enormity of CentOS in this area.

Yes! World Domination. If it be by geeks, so be it.


A BIG Thank you, CentOS!!!
<Hat Tip>

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