[CentOS] CentOS installation on x86 platform

Sun Apr 18 04:21:50 UTC 2010
hadi motamedi <motamedi24 at gmail.com>

> Hi Hadi,
> I think it could be one of these things:
> * Boot device priority: you should check that CDRom is the first one (it
> isnt that probable because you have already booted from CD at least one)
> * CD reader broken: you should try with another CD, to see if it works
> * CD broken: you should try in another computer to see if it works
> AFAIK should be one of those things, beacause if Windows have any error
> reading the disk format, it should be pointed in the install process, I
> mean, you don't even have to have a disk connected to '''try''' to install
> it
> Regarding the VM software in Linux (desktop), you have VirtualBox and
> VMWare. For most things that I do, I prefer VirtualBox, because its in the
> repositories and much faster to install:
>  yum install VirtualBox
> Bye,
> Andres
Thank you very much for your reply . Please be informed that :
-Boot device priority is ok , as I checked it on BIOS CMOS
- CD drive is ok , as it can read other CDs
- Windows installation CD is ok , as it can be installed on other platforms
I tried to install VirtualBox/VMWare on my CentOS but it didn't get through
. I don't know exactly if it comes from wrong repository on my CentOS or it
comes from the fact that I am trying from IRAN and it is prohibited for my
country domain. Please help me and show me other alternatives.
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