[CentOS] CentOS5 and samba

Mon Apr 19 16:26:33 UTC 2010
Ian Kaufman <iank at mac.com>

> From: Daniel Bird <dbird at sgul.ac.uk>
> > Setting locking = No in the globals of smb.conf
> > fixed it.
> Keep in mind that:
> "Be careful about disabling locking either globally or in a specific
>  service, as lack of locking may result in data corruption. You
>  should never need to set this parameter."
Trying again since it didn't seem to make it last time:

Well, re-exporting NFS imports via Samba is not really a supported
way to do things either, exactly due to the problems the OP is
encountering. So, if you are going to live on the edge, you may have
to get closer to it to get things to work.

This is usually an NFS issue, not a Samba one. Try setting
"posix locking = no" in smb.conf.

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