[CentOS] iSCSI / GFS shared web server file system

Thu Apr 22 22:51:37 UTC 2010
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

jchase wrote:
> We currently have a MD3000i with an iSCSI LUN shared out to our apache 
> web server. We are going to add another apache web server into the mix 
> using LVS to load balance, however, I am curious how well iSCSI 
> handles file locking and data integrity. ...

it doesn't, not even close.   iscsi is purely a block device protocol, 
it doesn't know what files are.

> Is my setup totally flawed and will ext3 not allow for data integrity 
> with multiple apache hosts reading/writing to the shared storage? Am I 
> required to also setup GFS across my apache hosts or does iSCSI 
> somehow manage this?

NFS would be more suitable for this application.