[CentOS] iSCSI / GFS shared web server file system

Fri Apr 23 01:44:35 UTC 2010
James <jchase at mandaladesigns.com>

On 4/22/2010 6:51 PM, John R Pierce wrote:
> jchase wrote:
>> We currently have a MD3000i with an iSCSI LUN shared out to our apache
>> web server. We are going to add another apache web server into the mix
>> using LVS to load balance, however, I am curious how well iSCSI
>> handles file locking and data integrity. ...
> it doesn't, not even close.   iscsi is purely a block device protocol,
> it doesn't know what files are.
That was kind of a stupid assumption on my part and major 
misinterpretation of iSCSI information
>> Is my setup totally flawed and will ext3 not allow for data integrity
>> with multiple apache hosts reading/writing to the shared storage? Am I
>> required to also setup GFS across my apache hosts or does iSCSI
>> somehow manage this?
> NFS would be more suitable for this application.
Is there any reason why you suggest NFS? We would then need to run a NFS 
server and deal with the complexity of having a failover solution for 
that, whereas it seemed like GFS is a little more decentralized (at 
least in terms of not relying on a specific file server) after you 
configure the cluster environment.

That was my impression from reading through the docs anyways. I've never 
set it up.
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