[CentOS] xen vs kvm for virtualization on centos/rhel?

Thu Aug 12 15:37:15 UTC 2010
Joe Pruett <joey at q7.com>

>>  as i'm reviewing the courseware for the rhel (centos) course
>> i'm teaching next week, i'm going to ask the occasional question,
>> possibly technical, possibly more policy.
>>  first one involves the choice for virtualization.  the course has a
>> short section involving virt using xen but everything i've read
>> suggests that red hat is concentrating on kvm for virt.  thoughts on
>> that?  i have the freedom to replace the xen section with one covering
>> kvm instead.

the one thing that hasn't been addressed yet by kvm scripts is that a 
shutdown/reboot of the host won't do a save/restore of the guests like xen 
can do.  for that reason i still use xen for production systems and only 
use kvm for testing random distros.