[CentOS] xen vs kvm for virtualization on centos/rhel?

Thu Aug 12 15:46:43 UTC 2010
Patrick Lists <centos-list at puzzled.xs4all.nl>

On 08/12/2010 05:37 PM, Joe Pruett wrote:
> the one thing that hasn't been addressed yet by kvm scripts is that a
> shutdown/reboot of the host won't do a save/restore of the guests like
> xen can do. for that reason i still use xen for production systems and
> only use kvm for testing random distros.

Fedora 13 does save the guest on shutdown so I would expect this will be 
supported in RHEL6/CentOS 6 too. But when do you actually power down a 
RHEL/CentOS server? And if you did, wouldn't you have migrated the 
guests to another box already?