[CentOS] netinstlal question

Tue Aug 31 02:27:46 UTC 2010
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

  On 08/30/10 6:56 PM, William Warren wrote:
>    my church just got some ibm x335's donated.  Cent 5 is only relaly
> dvd's.  I do have a windows server using IIS for internal stuff.  How
> would i setup a local repo for the dvd so i can point the net install
> iso to the windows box?

run a http server anywhere handy and copy CentOS/5/os/i386/  (or x86_64) 
from one of the mirrors to a web directory...

then boot the netinstall off a USB stick and do the network install with 
the URL, like ....

you can use nfs or ftp instead of http

with a little more work, you can setup a PXE boot server, this requires 
a few more steps and is left as an exercise to the reader.