[CentOS] Building packages using RPMBUILD

Thu Dec 16 15:08:12 UTC 2010
Keith Roberts <keith at karsites.net>

I have been following the MaximumRPM guide from here:


and it seems a bit dated, but still very good (if fact the 
best all round documentation I have found so far) on using 
RPM package manager, and how to build rpm packages.

The guide tells me to use the original paths, yet Centos 
wiki says otherwise.

[rpmbuilder at karsites sox]$ rpm -iv ./sox-12.18.1-1.src.rpm
error: cannot write to %sourcedir /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES

Is there a package I need to install and run to set 
things up corectly?

I have created a user called 'rpmbuilder' under my home dir, 
and created the rpmbuild dirs under that.

So what build dir shall I go for?

Kind Regards,

Keith Roberts

In theory, theory and practice are the same;
in practice they are not.

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