[CentOS] centos6 686 livecd iso

Fri Dec 17 13:29:09 UTC 2010
ken <gebser at mousecar.com>

On 12/16/2010 09:36 AM Keith Roberts wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Dec 2010, ken wrote:
>> To: CentOS Mailing List <centos at centos.org>
>> From: ken <gebser at mousecar.com>
>> Subject: [CentOS] centos6 686 livecd iso
>> Just did a few searches, trying to find a redhat or centos 6.x livecd
>> iso, preferably an i686... but no joy.  Maybe google's web crawlers
>> haven't found the page yet.  Anybody here know where to find it?
> Is there such a thing yet?
> Keith

<https://projects.centos.org/trac/livecd/browser/trunk/CentOS6> is
supposed to provide what's needed to make a beta iso for a CentOS6
livecd.  I don't have time to wade through the documentation (and
probably make a few mistakes and then have to start over a few times),
to make a bootable iso for a usb stick.  Since, according to what I've
read, the files on this page do result in a working livecd, and since
the newest contributions are two weeks old, I thought that somebody
might have already created an image or two.  So I was putting a call out.

Just thought... it would be nice if the iso image for a usb stick would
include space on the usb stick for writing data.  The ultimate goal is
to test the hardware on various laptops to ensure that the sound card,
NIC(s), video, etc. are all supported by available drivers.  Saved to a
file on the usb stick for each machine tested, this information could be
uploaded to the centos wiki for a pretty good Hardware Compatibility
List (HCL)... and make shopping for that next machine a whole lot
easier.  And so there'd be no (or at least many fewer) unpleasant
surprises when trying to install linux on that new machine you just got.

Anybody got some free time on their hands?