[CentOS] APC Smart-ups "status codes" (slightly OT)

Todd Denniston Todd.Denniston at tsb.cranrdte.navy.mil
Mon Feb 1 15:15:55 UTC 2010

m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote, On 01/29/2010 04:53 PM:
> We got replacement battery "kits" for some of our APC UPS' (Smart-UPS,
> rackmount). I put them into one tray (it's for an RBC 43, which takes 8,
> and weighs a ton), and put it in, and let it charge. Idiot "change
> battery" led stays on. So I hit the test button, it discharges very
> rapidly (a good number of servers on this), and the led stays on.
> For some reason, apcupsd's USB test fails, with an HIDDEV i/o error. So I
> got rid of the weird APC usb cable, and put in one of their serial cables,
> and run the "smart" test (the USB does more), and get results showing
> everything's fine.
> But the idiot light's still on.
> So, looking at all the values that the "apcsmart" choice can give me, the
> first thing is UPS status. I've been googling for a while, and can't find
> a single reference to it. Anyone have a link to somewhere that will give
> me the status codes (and their meaning)?

no idea on the status codes... but I interpret from the above and what the apcupsd folks have posted
to seem to indicate that you may be down to either soft or manual runtime calibration:


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