[CentOS] CentOS as an internet kiosk : how to create a "fresh" user upon leaving GNOME ?

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Mon Feb 1 15:24:34 UTC 2010


I'm currently busy setting up a machine for use as an internet kiosk. 
Here's what I aim to do.

- There's only one user on the system, 'invite'. One (very simple) 
password. The machine is to be used publicly and freely.

- To ensure some privacy, there's one detail though. The best thing 
would be that upon disconnection from the GNOME session, the user 
'invite' gets wiped from the system (userdel -r) and then created anew, 
with his password already set. This I can do.

- The tricky part is to do this upon disconnect. There's a function in 
System > Preferences > Session, where I can choose programs to run upon 
GNOME startup... but there's nothing similar for the disconnection.

- Writing a script disconnect.sh and then creating a desktop shortcut 
for it would be to no avail, since 'userdel' and 'useradd' can only be 
called as root.

Any idea how I could do this ? The idea is that every new user begins 
with a clean slate.



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