[CentOS] Passwordless ssh

Larry Brower larry-lists at maxqe.com
Tue Feb 2 03:20:56 UTC 2010

Warren Michelsen wrote:
> On Mac OS, in order to allow ssh using dsa keys, I would copy 
> ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub from my machine into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys of the 
> target machine. I've created .ssh directories in my account home as 
> well as in /root and copied the respective keys to authorized_keys 
> files in each.
> Strangely, I can now ssh as root with no password but my own user 
> account still prompts for a password. What might be wrong?

have you checked /var/log/secure ?  If permissions or ownership are not 
correct on the authorized_keys file, .ssh or the home directory then 
s/key auth will not work.

> Interestingly, passwordless root ssh log-in worked while 
> 'PermitRootLogin' in /etc/ssh/sshd_config was just 'yes' and before I 
> changed it to 'without-password'.

This is correct behavior. The yes just says it will accept password and 
s/key for root.

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