[CentOS] Skype and problem with ALSA mixer driver?

Andrew andy.allen at virgin.net
Wed Feb 3 21:03:30 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-02-02 at 09:54 -0500, Brent L. Bates wrote:
> Why are you trying to use 5.3?  Why not 5.4?  After installing 5.4, try
> everything again, even the newer kernel module.  I've been reading these lists
> long enough to remember people saying they have had the same problem as you
> with earlier versions of the OS.  I do not remember the details, but the
> solution has something to do with software settings.  You might want to do a
> Google search for `skype' and `mic'.  The answer may even be in the CentOS
> archives.  I think I saw it on this list.  It may have been the Scientific
> Linux list instead.  I subscribe to and read both lists, so the solution may
> have been on the SL list instead of CentOS.  I hope this helps some.  Good
> luck.
Hi Brent,
Thanks for taking the trouble to reply to me personally. I'm using
CentOS 5.3 on my PC simply because that's the latest version which I had
downloaded and burnt to CDs! I'm afraid I'm a bit slow in keeping up
with the fast-moving development of CentOS and am always a bit reluctant
to rebuild/reinstall the operating system on my PC. However, I thought
that 5.3 was sufficiently up-to-date for my purposes, but was
disappointed when I found that neither the wifi on my laptop nor skype
on my PC worked properly!
I'm now using Ubuntu 9.04 on my laptop which seems to work brilliantly
and is very user-friendly. I'm thinking of using Ubuntu (server
edition?) on my PC, after years of using RedHat and CentOS, because as a
'semi-tech' user (and great supporter of linux) I do like the
user-friendliness of Ubuntu!

Best regards,

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