[CentOS] Clustering

Drew drew.kay at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 23:18:07 UTC 2010

> Right know we have about 30 or so linux servers scattered through out or
> district. Was looking at ways of consolidating and some sort of redundancy
> would be nice.

I'm in the process of going through something like that right now. The
solution we're pursuing is to virtualize our existing physical servers
in virtual machines and consolidating those VM's on a smaller number
of larger servers.

The tools we're using allow us to keep a warm copy of a VM on
redundant server and if we lose an entire server we're up within
3-5min with minimal data loss. As the servers we're installing have
VMware ESXi embedded in the server and storage is pulled from
redundant iSCSI backends, data loss due to server failure is minimal.
And as part of the backup process includes regular off-site backups of
the data and VMs to another office we can, in theory, lose an entire
building and still continue to function.


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