[CentOS] disk I/O problems with LSI Logic RAID controller

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Tue Feb 9 17:34:45 UTC 2010

Fernando Gleiser wrote:
> we're having a weird disk I/O problem on a 5.4 server connected to an
> external SAS storage with an LSI logic megaraid sas 1078.

Not sure I know what the issue is but telling us how many disks,
what the RPM of the disks are, and what level of RAID would probably

It sounds like perhaps you have a bunch of 7200RPM disks in a RAID
setup where the data:parity ratio may be way out of whack(e.g. high
number of data disks to parity disks), which will result in very
poor write performance.


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