[CentOS] disk I/O problems with LSI Logic RAID controller

Fernando Gleiser fergleiser at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 9 21:33:08 UTC 2010

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> From: nate <centos at linuxpowered.net>
> Not sure I know what the issue is but telling us how many disks,
> what the RPM of the disks are, and what level of RAID would probably
> help.
> It sounds like perhaps you have a bunch of 7200RPM disks in a RAID
> setup where the data:parity ratio may be way out of whack(e.g. high
> number of data disks to parity disks), which will result in very
> poor write performance.

yes, ita bunch of 12 7k2 RPM disks organized as 1 hot spare, 2 parity disks, 9 data disks in a RAID 5 configuration. is 9/2 a "high ratio"?

Thanks for your help



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