[CentOS] unattended fsck on reboot

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Thu Feb 18 17:55:03 UTC 2010

Timo wrote:
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>>>> nate wrote:
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>>>> >    I don't bother changing the setting for local disks as it is
>>>> >    usually pretty quick to scan them. You must have a pretty big
>>>> >         and/or slow file system for fsck to take 2+ hours.
>>>> >
>>>> > This particular server has 2x 500GB HDD's with failry "full" XEN
>>>> > VM's on it, each with it's own LVM volumes, so I guess it's a bit
>>>> > more complex than a normal ext2 system :)
>> Um, we've only got some cluster nodes with drives under 750G; most of
>> ours have that, or 950G, and we're moving a lot to 1T, and some 1.5T.
>> Then there's large raid arrays. They take a *while* to fsck. Unless I'm
>> having serious disk problems, I've had to boot using fastboot as a
>> kernel line parm for grub.
> What about using a 'decent' file system, such as XFS?

Lessee, I'm *not* talking about my system at home. a) I'm talking about
work; b) My manager, my co-worker, and myself support nearly 200 servers,
including 5 clusters. Some people that we support "only" run jobs that go
for 2-4 days, but there was the guy who was running a job that I had to
wait until it was finished to reboot the NFS server with his home
directory... and I waited ->two weeks<-.

Then there's the question of how we'd migrate.

Sorry, time for a real world check.

         mark "that is, if my manager was willing in the
                  first place"

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