[CentOS] unattended fsck on reboot

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Thu Feb 18 18:35:31 UTC 2010

Timo wrote:
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>> Timo wrote:
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>>>>>> nate wrote:
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>> a) I'm talking about
>> work;
> ..my systems at work.
>> b) My manager, my co-worker, and myself support nearly 200 servers,
>> including 5 clusters.
> Roughly the same numbers here - and that's the CentOS boxen only, not to
> mention xBSD, Solaris, and AIX machines.

Yeah, we have a few Solaris boxes, a mind-boggler SGI, and (I kid you not)
some VMS systems.
> IMHO one of the main reasons for running (Open)Solaris for most people
> (read: those w/o having to run Solaris due to historical reasons) do so
> because of ZFS.
> XFS has different feature sets, strenghts and weaknesses, but the
> advantage of both XFS and ZFS is their total lack of fsck hassles,
> compared to extN.
>> Some people that we support "only" run jobs that go
>> for 2-4 days, but there was the guy who was running a job that I had to
>> wait until it was finished to reboot the NFS server with his home
>> directory... and I waited ->two weeks<-.
> So, where's exactly the connection to underlying file systems?

It was dumping large amounts of data into his home directory... which was
NFS mounted from the server I needed to reboot.
>> Then there's the question of how we'd migrate.
>> Sorry, time for a real world check.
> One of my most favorite jokes is to begin IT related discussions with 'in
> an ideal world'... ;)


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