[CentOS] mail issue help and need good mail server

Kevin Kempter kevink at consistentstate.com
Fri Feb 19 20:06:06 UTC 2010

> Hi
> What mail server can prevent incoming mail to repeat downloading to the
>  mail client?
> Thank you for your help
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I use a service from www.fusemail.com. It's worked quite nicely for my and our 
small company.  I've setup multiple email accounts and they all gel pulled 
into the same inbox at my fusemail account.  I've setup multiple folders and 
rules to segregate the various email accounts, mailing lists, etc.  I use an 
IMAP connection for my mail client, so any actions I take on the web interface 
(away from my laptop) such as deleting emails, creating new folders, etc are 
automatically reflected in my mail client (in my case Kmail) the next time I 
connect. Thus, if I delete messages from the web interface then my mail client 
never tries to download those same messages, and if my client has already 
pulled them then they simply disappear on the next check.

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