[CentOS] What to backup?

Robert Heller heller at deepsoft.com
Wed Feb 24 00:08:44 UTC 2010

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> Hi All,
> I am now working on a plan of what to backup from various servers that I have running
> I run Apache, so httpd.conf and /var/www/html
> I run Zimbra currently, so /opt/zimbra/store, /opt/zimbra/my.cnf and /opt/zimbra/db/
> I run MySQL, so /etc/my.cnf and /var/lib/mysql 
> Can I simply write a bash script to tar.gz these areas, scp them and put it in a cron job?
> Is there anything special that I have to do with MySQL since it is running?
> If helpful, I can take what I learn and update the Wiki if there is not already a procedure for doing these operations on it.

What *I'd* do, is have separate partitions for /, /var /opt and /home. 
And do a monthy full dump of each file system, weekly incremental dumps
of /var and /opt, and daily or every other day incremental dumps of
/home.  It is probably iffy to get a meaningful dump of mysql's running
database.  It probably makes better sense to do a SQL dump -- 'man

> -Jason
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